3D Virtual World

Welcome to virtuland. A complete interactive 3D virtual world to explore.

Enter our world and explore the fairground attractions or play games against computer opponents or against other visitors. The rides use our unique walk on walk off system so you never have to stand in line.

You can also create your own 3D world for your friends to visit. Simply drag and drop scenery, rides or games onto a map and then explore the world you have created. Upload your own 3D models and place them in our multi-user virtual environment. Meet and chat with your friends in a world of your own choosing. At least that's the idea. There's still some work to be done before Virtuland gets to that stage.

If you are an artist or an animator you can display your work here.If you are a programmer you can write your own Java 3D programs. Whether it is a simple board game or a complete MMPORG, you can develop and host your creations here and collaborate with other world designers.


Ferris Wheel

Ok, now what?

For a taste of what is to come, go to the fun-fair or the art gallery and use the arrow keys to explore. If it is not already installed in your browser, you will be prompted to download the plug-in for Java 3D graphics. Once you've done this, you can explore using the arrow keys.

Click on the create tab, if you want to try adding your own work to the site.

This site was created by Resplendent Technology Ltd. on 19/06/2006